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Your own IT department at a fraction of the cost.

Take Control of iT

iT Your Way

You’re making a sizable investment in your company’s hardware, software and data. You know they’re essential to your operations – and if something goes wrong, it can spell major trouble. Partnering with ComputerXpress to build, service and protect your iT will give you the technology infrastructure and confidence you deserve.

The Benefits

  • Your company invests little or nothing up front.

  • NO-CONTRACT arrangement gives you flexibility to change as technology changes.

  • All the service and protection you deserve.

  • As a Premier or Enhanced Care partner, you will never receive an hourly bill.

  • Predictable monthly budgeted amount (unless your company experiences a change in its needs based on demand and growth).​

  • ComputerXpress involvement helps remote workers be more productive.  We're as flexible as your employees need us to be; we engage in the way that works best for your team.

Setting the foundation for your business.

Creating a highly reliable business technology infrastructure is essential. With more than 20 years in the industry, we have developed highly specialized expertise that can meet your particular needs.

There when you need us.

ComputerXpress provides the capabilities of a complete iT department when and where you need it, at a fraction of the cost.  No matter which Care Plan you choose, whether you're a sole proprietor or a large company with lots of people and systems, we will be there for you.  ComputerXpress is always agile, innovative, and tenacious when it comes to solving iT problems.

Saving data. Preserving your peace of mind. 

Staying safe online and protecting data, as well as hardware, is the number one concern of many business leaders. We understand.  Digital security not only preserves peace of mind, it can safeguard investments and profits.

BSP Care Plans

We would like you to consider CXiT your business iT department. Assisting our customers so your technology experiences are beneficial and trouble-free is the reason we exist. Maximizing productivity and reducing risk are the outcomes we want to help you achieve.

To achieve this for our customers, we offer 3 Care Plans.

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