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for Small Business

Services and Limitations

  • All Services Billed Hourly with applicable Minimums

  • No dedicated Technical Account Owner

  • No Priority Service

  • Email Help Request System.  Technicians will reach out and cannot be called directly.

  • Limited Proactive Services - Backup Check only

  • Limited to Basic Cybersecurity Tools - 

    • Remote ready agent​​​​

    • CX Patchsafe

    • CX Virusafe

    • CX Datasafe

Best for Today's Complex IT 


  • Full BSP Coverage

  • Priority Service

  • Dedicated Technical Account Owner

  • Direct Access via Phone, Email or Web

  • No Hourly Billing for Covered On-Demand or Proactive Services 

  • Proactive Services to Keep IT Running and Secure​​

    • Backup Checks​

    • Vulnerability Scans

    • Penetration Testing

    • Virus Checks

  • Access to full suite of Advanced CyberSecurity Tools

    • CX Passafe​

    • CX Appsafe

    • CX Guardian

    • much more

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