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If you have an on-premise phone system or think you are paying to much for phone services, try 3CX from CXiT.

How we work - Please Read

If you are here, your current telecomunications is need of a make over and you don't have a current partner that is up to the task.  CXiT can help but we are looking for a lasting relationship and not a 1 project stand. 


Our experience in the IT field has taught us that we can only be successful if we commit to our clients and in return, our clients commit to us.


If you choose to move forward with our emergency assistance, you are agreeing to listen to a proposal for a service agreement either in support of your internal people or as a complete IT department. 


CXiT is not a one time project company and if that is what you are looking for, CXiT is probably not for you..

What you can Expect

  • We will need the following

    • ask you for your current phone bill

    • Expiration date of any contracts

    • Person of record on current system

  • We will call you with any additional questions

  • A proposal will be created within 1 business day after we gather all necessary information.

  • Your 3CX Phone Proposal will include a monthly service agreement.  CXiT will not install the system without a commitment to maintaining the maintenance agreement.

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