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CLUB CX is a member only service that is setup to provide sustainable technology support to individuals, families and small home offices.  Being a CLUB CX member allows us to provide our enterprise grade management, security and disaster prevention tools to home users.  We know that technology can be frustrating at times and we are here to both help solve issues but also to reduce the risk to your data and productivity.  Like our business clients, this is a partnership with commitments from you to follow our processes and by us to meet the expectations that we set.  Please review the following information and complete the form at the end to indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions of CLUB CX Support.

Please understand that the rules, which may seem a bit tough, are there to make all the work go faster and to keep our costs and your cost lower.

How Club CX Works

Our mutual ability to succeed rests on setting and meeting expectations set by the following processes.

CLUB CX Membership

Membership in CLUB CX is required in order for us to serve you.  Membership is annual and billed monthly using an automatic payment system.


CLUB CX maintains a customer portal where you can see your service requests, invoices and manage your payment methods.  ALL CLUB CX members must have a payment method on file.  CLUB CX does not accept any other form of payment other than through the portal.  Customers must have either a credit card or bank account on file in our secure portal and all payments are made automatically.  Invoices for service and membership will be sent automatically twice a month and automatic billing will occur 5 days after that.  During this 5 days, you have the option to manually pay or dispute the charges. 

Billing Rates:

  • Remote Support - $99 per hour with a 30 Minute minimum.

    • 15 Minute Increments after the first 30 Minutes​

  • On-Site Support - $129 per hour with a 90 Minute Minimum

    • 30 Minute Increments after the first 90 Minutes​


Customers may dispute charges during the 5 day period prior to automatic billing.  Once this 5 day period has expired, no refunds will be given.  A credit may be setup to be applied to future invoices.  Please make sure that you review your email invoice and contact CLUB CX if you have questions.  If  a customer disputes multiple invoices, CLUB CX has the right to cancel services.


By becoming a CLUB CX member, you are authorizing us to install our Remote Ready monitoring system and other security tools.  You are also authorizing us to make changes to your system through automated and manual processes including Patch management and other items to increase your security.  What options are available.


While CLUB CX would love to be able to server each and every customer on an immediate basis but this is not practical in the real world.  In order to be successful, we must limit contact to our Technical staff so that we can work efficiently on your issues.  Customers cannot call in a speak to a technician directly and all service is performed on a scheduled bases.  Here is a summary of the rules.

  • How to submit a request in order of priority - Please make sure that you include contact information and when you can be reached.

    • 1) Send an email to ​stating your request with contact information

    • 2) go to and complete the form

    • 3) Call 513-575-3500 - you will be directed to our call center where you can provide information about your request.

  • A technician will reach out to you by phone (if we have a phone number) and enter a response in our ticketing system which will send you an email with next steps of asking for additional information. The technical may also send you a scheduling email that will allow you to choose a time that is convenient for you.​

  • Customers are directed to use the email provided in their service request to stay informed about the status of their ticket.  Customers may, at anytime, reply to the service email and the ticket will be updated and the technician will be notified.

  • If you do call the call center, make sure you let them know if this is a new request or if you are responding to an existing request and provide the Ticket number to make things easier.


CLUB CX Schedule hours for remote support begin at 9:00 AM and end at 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.  On Site Service can be scheduled from 9:00 AM to 3:00PM Monday through Friday.  If your request requires one-on-one attention from a technician, and you are not available when they reach out to you, they will request that you schedule a convenient time for you based on the availability of the technicians.  CLUB CX technicians may offer service outside of normal business hours, but they may result in additional charges.  By scheduling an appointment, you are agreeing to the billing and payment terms listed above.

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