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Cybersecurity Issue, Hardware Issue, Networking Issue and your business cannot function and you need help now.

How we work - Please Read

If you are here, you need help now with something that is important to your business and you don't have a current partner that is up to the task..  CXiT can help but we are looking for a lasting relationship and not a 1 project stand. 


Our experience in the IT field has taught us that we can only be successful if we commit to our clients and in return, our clients commit to us. 


If you choose to move forward with our emergency assistance, you are agreeing to listen to a proposal for a service agreement either in support of your internal people or as a complete IT department. 


CXiT is not a one time project company and if that is what you are looking for, CXiT is probably not for you..

What you can Expect

  • We will do our best to contact you within 1 hour during business hours.

  • We will onboard you as a client which includes auto pay setup

  • Base Emergency Engagement Fee—$299

  • Minimum 2 Hour Service including no-traffic drive time. 2hr X $129/hr and then 30 min increments after that.

  • After 2 hours, if the issue is not resolved, we will stop and prepare a project plan to address the remaining issues.

  • We will document what we do and provide any required information for you to proceed.

  • You agree to review a CXiT BSP or CLUB CX Service Agreement and Cyber Security Assessment

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