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Member Only IT Support

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Individuals and families with a couple of home computers are finding ClubCX to be the solution they've been looking for when it comes to personalized technology support. Everyone needs IT Support and ClubCX is the answer.



Efficient remote access

so you can get help when you need it.  Allows installation of all optional services.


Automated Security Patching

All PCs require constant attention to keep the operating system and other program security up to date.  


Behavior based anti-virus/malware detection and response

The bad guys will do anything to try and get into your system. Also known as EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) This option goes a long to making sure your system is protected.


Automated System Backup

You spend hours of time typing documents, creating spreadsheets, storing photos and more. Preserving that data in the event of a hardware failure, or theft or other disaster is critical.  CX Datasafe will allow the recovery of your data to the last known good backup.


Email Based Support

EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3

1) - Use the Club CX Icon or

2) - Send email to or

3) - Call (513) 575-3500 and tell our call center what you need

To get help, all you have to do is submit a help request via one of the approved methods and a technician will get in touch with you as soon as practical.  We strive to respond with in 2 hours and will let you know a plan of action.  Your email will serve as a closed loop communication system to keep you apprised of the status of your request.

Your Personal, On-Call Expert IT Department

We don't just fix computers.  If you need help, join the club and experience end-to-end support.  With the membership in ClubCX, you and your PC will be ready to receive remote support or or scheduled in-store assistance. On-Site support is available at additional cost.

ClubCX Member Benefits
  • Help ticketing system

  • Remote-ready support software

  • Purchasing advice

  • Technology recycling (additional charge)

  • Discounts on Dell Systems

  • Access to your personal IT support at a competitive price.

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